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  • 出国留学介绍信

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    出国留学介绍信   在快速变化和不断变革的今天,我们很多时候都不得不用到介绍信美文,介绍信是机关团体必备的具有介绍、证明作用的`书信。你知道介绍信怎样才能写的好吗?下面是小编为大家收集的出国留学介绍信,欢迎阅读,希望大家能够喜欢。出国留学介绍信1  At the request of Mr.Xizhen Chen,my former student in the Department of Computer Science,Beijing Univ.of Sciences,I am glad to write this letter furnishing my uation ofhis academic aptitude for your reference.Mr.Chen is interested in your graduate program in Computer Science.I came to know him in September 987 when Mr.Chen enrolled in my class on FORTRAN IV Programming,a three semesters’’course.In the class he was one of the most outstanding students.At the semester final he earned ahigh grade of 8 ,which should be"A"according to our grading system.I also ound him good at other studies.After the class,he had personal talks with me several times.  He indicated agreat interest in computer hardware,In my opinion,Mr.Chen has apotential in Computer Science,which can be further developed.In view of his previous achievements in this College,I am firmly convinced that Mr.Chen will make asuccessful graduate student.Your favorable consideration of his admission will be hi ghly appreciated.出国留学介绍信2  I am pleased to write this letter for my former student Miss Nan Li,who graduated from this College with an L.B.degree in June 978.Miss Li was admitted to the Department of Law of this College in 974 through highly competitive entrance examination whi ch is conducted annually and is open to the whole nation.Even in such aselective group.Miss Li made herself distinguished.As professor and dean of the College,I have access to her records of academic work and moral conduct,In her fourth year study,I instructed her in Anglo-American Laws on Treass.So Ihave known her quite well.Miss Li’’s performance,like that in many other courses she taken,was excellent with asuperior grade of 86 for the first semester,and 84 for the second semester.  In our university and in other university here,80 is considered"A",the highest level.As far as Iknow,Miss Li wishes to continue her study in Law for an advanced degree.I am sure she has had sufficient prerequisite knowledge for the subject and certainly has the ability to undertake the study.I recommend Miss Li without reservation and shall appreciate your favorable consideration of her application.出国留学介绍信3Dear Colleagues:  As a teacher in Department of Biology, Nankai University, a leading university in China, I am very pleased to take this opportunity to recommend one of my favorite students to your PhD program.  In September, 20 9, Miss Zhang was my students in General Biology, the first professional course they take in the field. She likes it very much. I teach her in an open and interactive manner, she is active and passionate about answering class questions. Miss Zhang is bright, energetic and enthusiastic girl who loves eaking out her own ideas. She never escapes from those points of which she is skeptical. Apart from that, she often puts forward her ideas upon questions and exchanges all of her innovate ideas with me after class.  Upon ending of General Biology course, I asked my students to write an essay upon their understanding of biology. I discovered Miss Zhang’s essay was so impressive and persuasive; her careful essay comes from dozens of references to Biology literatures. In essay Miss Zhang stretched out her creative thinking upon status quo of biological research and branches in the field of biology. All of this eaks to her creative and logical and scientific thinking capability. I am gladly to say that Miss Zhang has a clear understanding about General Biology, that comprehension has been reflected fully in her essay. Therefore Miss Zhang got a full point for her essay in her class, and other students took it as model essay for granted.  I believe Miss Zhang’s industriousness, passion and dedication will make her an ideal candidate you are seeking for your program, so I highly recommend her without any hesitation to you. And I will greatly appreciate it if you could accept her into your program.  Sincerely yours,
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